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Hi, my name is Lindley Mayer and I have two precious siblings. My brother Brock and sister Brantley both have intellectual and physical disabilities. I grew up hearing people call them hurtful names like “weirdo,” “freak” and of course the R-word, “retarded.” When I was a little girl, I felt so helpless—I didn’t know what to do. 

Today, I realize that I wasn’t alone and I have the voice and power to make a difference! There are many children (and adults too) who are living with that same pain right now. With fundraising efforts through my 501(c)3 non-profit organization, L.A.D.Y. Bugs Across America/Lindley’s Alliance for Disabled Youth, and my awareness campaign, Change Your Words/Change The World, I’m helping to change language and in turn, change attitudes toward not only the disabled but anyone who is perceived to be "different."

Learn more about Lindley and her charity at www.LindleyMayer.com


The mission of Lindley's Alliance is to generate funds and awareness programs in partnership with our local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. Countless individuals, organizations and media partners unite with Lindley’s Alliance to help individuals with disabilities in our local community. Donations to our organization create miracles by promoting inclusion for people with special needs, funding life saving care and research, and educating others on the importance of seeing the possibility in every disability. All of this leading to one goal of saving and improving the lives of as many children as possible each and every day.


  • PLEDGE—Take the pledge to become more aware of your language and CHANGE your hurtful words to those that are kind, helpful and respectful.
  • DONATE—Here on my website you can donate with PayPal to help fund my organization which supports Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and programs to promote inclusion. Thank you for helping us raise over $80,000 dollars for our local Children's Miracle Network Hospital so far! 
  • NOMINATE—Do you know a student who is doing something great? Through my Change the World Champions program, I recognize random acts of kindness or participation in programs that promote inclusion and respect.

Submit your nominations online to recognize good people doing great things!

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